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Freelance work


Diseño de brochure, En torno al arte

Brochure Entorno al arte

Diseño de brochure, Daymont SAS

Brochure Daymont SAS

My work as a freelancer has allowed me to create pieces that are part of the global commercial communication strategy of companies, these are the quick and efficient response to specific needs of the marketing and sales department that your company has.


In this category of work are:

  • institutional advertising, folders, brochures.

  • Printed advertising, magazine, press.

  • Packaging design, bags and labels.

  • Brands, logos.

  • Cutting plotter, signs.

  • CNC and laser cutting..

UX - UI Design

3D Modeling

2D y 3D Animation


Store design




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Phone: (57+1) 315 321 9218
Bogotá D.C. - Colombia