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A creative mint

A good story

I started designing for clients more than fifteen years ago, I have done consultancies, participated in design projects and designed advertising pieces to help building and growing companies in Colombia, Central America and the United States, such as yours.

Since then I have advised companies in the implementation of brand communication strategies, creating new commercial experiences and implementing new technologies in existing communication models, developing the interaction of their clients with their websites, designing advertising pieces for print media that transcend and creating store experiences that vividly evoke your brand over time.

Each consultancy and project that I have carried out has allowed clients like you to find in me a strategic ally in their commercial development. Please allow me to be an active part in the achievement of your objectives and the success of your company, I want to continue this good story that began a long time ago.


How I have been working

  • Direct hiring: For several years I have had the pleasure of working directly for companies in Colombia, fulfilling a regular schedule and carrying out the tasks that the presidency or commercial management required.
  • By projects: I have directed and participated in web development projects and store designing. In this type of contract, my clients have proposed their objectives for the project to me and we have jointly carried them out fully. In this work mode, part of the tasks were carried out at the client office's.
  • As a freelancer: This work modality has allowed me to create my own and ascending discipline, where clients have made me a collaborator of their goals, designing advertising pieces, websites, corporate and product presentations required in the development of a large campaign or commercial project. In this type of work, my work has not been face-to-face, however, it has always been timely.


My resume is at your entire disposal.


My work

My work

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Israel Martínez Albarracín

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Phone: (57+1) 315 321 9218
Bogotá D.C. - Colombia